Joining the Society

Membership Benefits

The members of the Geological Society of Oman (GSO) are eligible for a variety of benefits which include:

  • Reduced rates on GSO sponsored fieldtrips
  • Free entry to all GSO meetings and GSO-sponsored seminars.
  • Invitation to every GSO function and event.
  • Students will enjoy a free GSO membership for the first year and at reduced rate thereafter.
  • Discounts on GSO future publications, courses and workshops.
  • Access to other members and GSO sponsors.

How to become a member in GSO?

  • Before making formal application for membership, the applicant must read the qualifications required and the constitution including the Bylaws.
  • Applicant is requested to fill all blanks in the registration form, or explain omissions or email to
  • Information provided should be correct, leaving no room for doubt or misinterpretation.
  • The GSO membership fee is 20 O.M.R.

Membership Classes

Membership in The Geological Society of Oman shall consist of the following classifications:
(a) Active, (b) Students, (c) Associate members and (d) Honorary Members.

Active Members

Any person engaged in the practice or teaching of geology may apply for Active membership, provided the applicant holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctor’s Degree in geological science from a college of acceptable academic standards and/or, in addition, has had three (3) years of experience in the practice or teaching of geology. Credit for experience can be counted as follows: Master’s Degree: one (1) year; Doctor’s Degree: two (2) years. The Executive Committee may waive degree or current professional activity requirements if in its judgment an applicant has adequate professional experience and has attained standing in the profession.


Any student majoring in geology or in a field of study related to or generally associated with geology at a college of acceptable academic standards may apply for student membership. Student membership shall terminate upon termination of academic enrollment.


Any person not qualified for any other class of membership who is a graduate of a college of acceptable academic standards, whose employment is associated with geology, may apply for Associate membership. The Executive Committee may waive degree requirements, if in its judgment an applicant has adequate professional experience, and has attained professional standing.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members shall be those members of this Society who shall have contributed distinguished service to the cause of petroleum geology and those who received recognition for outstanding services to the Society. Such determination shall be made by the Executive Committee. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues, but shall have all the privileges and advantages of Active membership in the Society.