About GSO

Oman is well known as the “paradise of geology”. The diverse and fascinating geology displayed on mountains, deserts, caves and wadis allows studying the details of both the continental and oceanic plates . The geology of Oman represents a history of more than 800 million years and resembles almost all the chapters of tectonic events and climatic conditions throughout the Earth’s history. In here, you can touch the Moho, which separates between the crust and the Mantle, and you can as well see the initiation and development of life in this wonderful planet.

The geology of Oman has encouraged the existence and growth of a geologic community. Hence, the Geological Society of Oman was established in April 2001 as a vocational non-profitable society. The society aims at advancing the geological sciences in Oman and the development of its members through seminars, workshops and fieldtrips